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An Artist pledged to serve his planet . . .

Rendaria is a world with only one city, underground, with ten Levels. At the top, you succeed. At the bottom, you are no one. At age seventeen, Edrix Solan is the youngest initiate to graduate from the Higher Program in REGS; the Rendarian Enforcement of Global Security, the protectors of the planet. But something doesn't feel right. He has yet to be given a field assignment, and there's something his older brother, Jai, won't tell him.

A rebel determined to save it . . .

Andresha has been fighting for years to free Rendaria from the reign of the Chairman and the other leaders that control the planet, but now, REGS is dangerously close to finding the resistance. To stop them, she must infiltrate the most secure building on the planet, and her only hope of doing so is a deadly tournament on an alien world and a boy who is too much like the ghosts from her past.

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Water Bird's Shadow about 3.png

The Light dropped her in the snow, her surroundings unfamiliar. 
All Andresha knows is that she is far away from Rendaria, Edrix is missing, and she has no idea how she will get home. Injured and lost, Andresha is forced to rely upon the strangers the light brought her to. But as she searches urgently for Edrix, the more she discovers the mysterious facility in the mountains, and a possible path back to Rendaria, connect to Edrix’s mysterious origins.

Is Edrix alive? Or will she be trapped in this strange world alone? 

Edrix does not know where the Light brought him, but Andresha is not with him. Imprisoned in a dark cell, a potential ally to Red Star presents himself. But Edrix senses something dark and sinister as forgotten memories resurface. Edrix must learn if there is an enemy in the darkness, or if the darkness is his own.

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About the Author

Mary Flint, encouraged to try writing by a family member, discovered her love of writing from her life-long love of stories. Inspired by the books and success of teenage author Christopher Paolini, she began writing her first book, Red Star: The Hunter Trials, at the age of fifteen and published it two years later. Water Bird's Shadow is the second book of the thrilling Red Star trilogy, and Mary hopes that readers will enjoy exploring the characters and their worlds as much as she does. She also enjoys interacting with Red Star fans at conventions, book signings, and online. Mary currently writes from her home in South Texas, USA.

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What readers are saying about the
Red Star series

"Red Star: The Hunter Trials" brings you into a whole new world and universe where your future is already determined. Those who dare to change their future are silenced. This novel really captures your attention as you dive into the culture and follow those who dare to rebel. Twists and turns lurk at every corner creating an intense storyline. It was so fun to read and now I am craving the next installment!!”

“WOW! Love the world created in this book. The writing Mary created is both easy to follow, imaginative and intelligent. A fan of the Hunger Games and Divergent series, I found this to be right up my alley and I couldn't put it down. Although it takes place in another world, I found the plot lines to be relatable, being at the bottom, you are no one. Being at the top, you always succeed and everyone has had to deal with ghosts of their past. I plan to read the next one asap.”
--Tasha H

Good book that had me excited to keep reading. A story about a team of rebels trying to take down their “corrupt” government with a sci-fi mix. Impressed that this was written by a 15 year old. Excited to read the second book.
--Samantha M

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Upcoming Events

July 26th-27th

Texas Author Con

Friday 1pm-9pm; Saturday 10am-7pm

Hilton Richardson-Dallas 701 E Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX

Lubbock Book Festival

August 24

Overton Hotel & Conference Center 2322 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX 7941

October 19th

Enchanted Kingdom Ball

Saturday 7pm

Palais Royale Historic Ballroom

105 W Colfax Ave, South Bend, IN 446601


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